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Casting Call: Candy Haus

This is an open casting call for voice actors in the Charleston, SC area. Please share this with the actors that you know.

We have the following roles open for our upcoming production of Candy Haus, a new work to be released as part of our audio drama anthology Aural Traditions. Please note that these are unpaid roles. Also note that recording will be during the day on Saturday, September 10th (roughly 11am – 3pm). If you are not available for that date and time, please don’t audition. There will be other productions in the future – we promise.

The story: Candy Haus is a comedic film-noir take on the story of Hansel and Gretel, with Gretel being the main protagonist. This will be a family-friendly production, though, with child-eating witches and a step-mother who think leaving her step-kids to starve in the forest is going to win her the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, some discretion will be required.

The roles available:

Gretel – Pull out your best Humphrey Bogart or Jimmy Cagney impersonations, ladies. Gretel is tough. She’s slick. She’s sassy. She packs a wallop. She talks to herself. A lot. See?

Hansel – Gretel’s other half. He’s as dumb as she is smart, but lovable in a comfortable old sweater sort of way. He has occasional bursts of Vaudevillian humor. And hunger pangs.

Both Hansel and Gretel are youngish (think teens) so we’re looking for younger-sounding voices for them.

Step-mother – She’s not evil, per-se. Just pragmatic to the point of being homicidal. Or at least negligent. Nah. Definitely homicidal.

Papa – Hen-pecked with a warm heart, Papa is suffering from feelings of inferiority.

Both Step-mother and Papa would be great with either Russian or German accents (but not required). If you think you can pull off either or both, definitely show it in your audition.

Speaking of auditions…

If you’d like to audition, send an email to and let us know which role you’d like to audition for. We’ll send you some sides and further instructions.

All auditions must be in by 9:00pm Thursday, August 4th.





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