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  • Mirror Factory Casting

    Mirror Factory Casting

    Our next story, which will actually be our first story released – The Mirror Factory – is now in casting. The original script, written by Steven Cardinal, picks up a few years after Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451 leaves off. In the aftermath of the war, scavengers survive in the remains of the cities. Out […]

  • “Mellow Yellow – A Cat’s Tale” has been Cast

    “Mellow Yellow – A Cat’s Tale” has been Cast

    Mellow Yellow – A Cat’s Tale, an original children’s story by Steven Cardinal, is the first in our lineup of family-friendly shows coming to Aural Traditions. This story follows our main character, Mellow Yellow, a feline of distinction, as she learns a lesson about friendship.

  • Beauty Pageant table read

    The process of creating an audio drama is a long one. First there’s the idea – whipping it into shape, discarding the dead-ends. Then there’s the writing. Oh, so much writing. Finally you have a script, but what does it sound like? How does it read? That’s where a table read comes into play. We […]

  • Coming Soon!

    We just received our podcast artwork by the wonderfully talented Kessi Riliniki¬†and we’re absolutely thrilled. We’ve a number of stories in the works and next week (21 February, 2016) we’ll be doing our first table read of Beauty Pageant – a comedy tale of 2 inhabitants of Hell assigned to signing the soul of the […]