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  • Rehab


    It’s time for Maya to move on. Her life left in shambles, she was hoping for a respite from the pain. Mr Brahms, however, has other plans for her.

  • Smart Home

    Smart Home

    Harland S. Biggs is a “very important man.” He’s also the proud owner of a Shimotaki Smart Home Excelsior 2200 Model 3. All is right with the world… Until it isn’t. Some electronics just don’t like backtalk.

  • Call from the Closet

    Call from the Closet

    Nancy is used to the strange and heartbreaking. She’s one of the best 911 operators around. On this night, though, Nancy gets a call that she never could have expected.

  • Amber Eyes

    Amber Eyes

    To some people, family means everything. And they’ll do anything to keep it together.

  • The Toilet That Eats People

    The Toilet That Eats People

    Shorty’s Good Time Cafe is known for many things: friendly service, a great burger, a kickin’ breakfast special. But hunger isn’t reserved just for customers.

  • Spiked


    There’s something special about a place where the bar manager goes out of his way to treat you well. Still, you may want to keep an eye on your drink at all times.

  • Christmas in Crisis

    Christmas in Crisis

    Santa’s Workshop is in turmoil – the number of kids on the nice list has dropped to 0 – the ListCheck 3000 says so! And, what’s worse, Santa is nowhere to be found. Can a plucky little housekeeping elf solve the mystery and get Santa back in time to save Christmas?

  • Knock, Knock

    Knock, Knock

    On All Hallow’s Eve, the walls between our world and those where the others dwell become thin, indeed. It is said that they can hear us and, if the proper price is paid, intercede on our behalf.

  • The Tragedy of Gaius Gracchus

    The Tragedy of Gaius Gracchus

    In the early days of the Roman republic, long before the empire or the Caesars who ruled it, there were two classes at war: the poor plebeians who voted on who would rule them, and the wealthy patricians who ruled. Out of this unjust division of power rose the plebeian family, the Gracchi who, though […]

  • Blank Stairs

    Blank Stairs

    Out of gas and running out of time to make a family wedding, Danny and Linda seek aid in an abandoned ranch in on old ghost town.