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  • Crosswired – Episode 15

    Crosswired – Episode 15

    Simon and Gretchen have headed west to find KANTO, but Simon’s activities with the NSA weigh heavily upon them both. Meanwhile, having gotten out of a speeding ticket, Agents Boyle and Abrahms race to free Marius from his captors.

  • Crosswired – Episode 14

    Crosswired – Episode 14

    Dr Hadoop and his assistant, Ellen Daniels, wrestle with the reality of the secret project they’ve been working on and the danger it puts them in. Meanwhile, Simon and Gretchen have escaped those who hunted them and must take their secret knowledge back to KANTO. And Agents Boyle and Abrahms race to recover Marius from […]

  • Crosswired – Episode 13

    Crosswired – Episode 13

    Simon and Gretchen have escaped and now hold the horrifying answer to the question of who the enemy is. Boyle and Abrahms, meanwhile, are faced with a decision: continue to chase Simon or rescue Marius and the information he holds from his captors. We also return to the lab of Dr Hadoop, as he tries […]

  • Crosswired – Recap of Episodes 1 – 12

    Crosswired – Recap of Episodes 1 – 12

    Spoiler Alert – This special episode recaps the first 12 episodes. If you have not yet listened to the first 12, you may wish to start with Episode 1.

  • Crosswired – Episode 12

    Crosswired – Episode 12

    Simon and Gretchen go underground, trying to avoid the hunting party led by NSA Agents Kazin and Brown. Boyle and Abrahms, meanwhile, are trying to tap into the El Coco comm channel to gather intel on the hunt.

  • Crosswired – Episode 11

    Crosswired – Episode 11

    As Kazin arrives upon the scene of the foiled ambush, Boyle and Abrahms try to make sense of the situation. Meanwhile, Gretchen and Simon flee into the mountains, seeking refuge.

  • Crosswired – Episode 10

    Crosswired – Episode 10

    In the middle of Hurricane Norris, Marius is determined to move his captive Simon to a safer location. Can those who follow them keep up?

  • Crosswired – Episode 9

    Crosswired – Episode 9

    Hurricane Norris continues to rage as Boyle and Abrahms track Dr Bannister to KANTO, hoping she’ll lead them to Simon.

  • Crosswired – Episode 8

    Crosswired – Episode 8

    Boyle and Abrahms are trying to pick up Simon’s trail in the middle of Hurricane Norris, hunting for answers. Simon, meanwhile, is seeking answers of his own… from the woman who betrayed him.

  • Crosswired – Episode 7

    Crosswired – Episode 7

    The NSA’s investigation continues as they search for Simon. Meanwhile, Drs Hadoop and Warkovsky retreat to Cambridge ahead of Hurricane Norris.