Beauty Pageant table read

The process of creating an audio drama is a long one. First there’s the idea – whipping it into shape, discarding the dead-ends. Then there’s the writing. Oh, so much writing. Finally you have a script, but what does it sound like? How does it read?

That’s where a table read comes into play. We find some terrific actors who gather around a table and read the script aloud. Sometimes what looks good in print doesn’t sound right when spoken. Sometimes you’ll discover that all your characters sound the same. You know, the voice in your head that was speaking as you wrote the dialog?

We were very fortunate to gather a talented group of Charleston-area actors to read the script of Beauty Pageant, a story written by Steven Cardinal, which will be produced this summer. The following clip shows a brief section of the read, in which Lucifer (Tara Denton Holwegner) gives Frankie (John Black) and Carmen (Sarah Rochelle Callahan) a promotion to the acquisitions department.

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