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Mirror Factory Casting

Our next story, which will actually be our first story released – The Mirror Factory – is now in casting. The original script, written by Steven Cardinal, picks up a few years after Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451 leaves off. In the aftermath of the war, scavengers survive in the remains of the cities. Out in the country, some remaining few hold tight to the stories of the past, hoping to bring about a new era of understanding.

The casting call:

Now casting voice actors for an original audio drama piece called The Mirror Factory. Set in the post-apocalyptic aftermath (is that redundant?) of Fahrenheit 451, it has 2 lead characters (1 male, 1 female) – Race and Tesha – and a few other smaller roles (all listed below).

WARNING: This script contains strong language and violence.

Recording date is not yet set, but likely to be a single weekend day in late May or early June. The recording session will be attempted outdoors (location to be determined but in the general Charleston area).

Note these are unpaid roles.

If interested, please e-mail us at and indicate the role(s) you would like to audition before and sides will be sent to you in PDF form.


  • Race – male – More of a thinker than a doer. More likely to make alliances than lead.
  • Tesha – female – Good at the hunt and willing to kill. She’s on a mission.
  • Herrik – male – The leader of Race’s clan. A bully and a bit paranoid.
  • Marauder – male – Memberof a rival clan.
  • Mariah – female – Leader of Tesha’s settlement. Calm and compassionate.
  • Banner – male – Mariah’s right hand. He’s the muscle.






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