A Fragrance Most Foul Cover Art

A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 1: The Match is Struck

The Snow Valley Snow Jam is the third largest snow mobile race in Western Massachusetts. It’s very dangerous and highly competitive, perhaps murderously so. Join sleuth-by-accident Charley Chandler as she takes candle-making and crime-solving to new heights.

A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 1: The Match is Struck, was written by Doug Clinton and stars (in order of appearance):






2 responses to “A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 1: The Match is Struck”

  1. Al Avatar

    Looked for A Fragrance Most Foul on Pocketcasts, and it isnt listed. It;s the only way I listen to podcasts now. Just FYI.

    1. Steven Cardinal Avatar

      Thanks for checking in – it would be listed under Aural Traditions, so be sure to take a look for that. I think PocketCasts pulls from the iTunes directory, so it might take a bit for iTunes to pull our new feed and then PocketCasts to pull from there.

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