A Fragrance Most Foul Cover Art

A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 7: Candle Stuck

Lyle LeBoeuf is dead and accusations are flying like snow on… well, on a very snowy day. With so many people trying to win the Snow Valley Snow Jam, is this the start of a race war?

A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 7: The Scent of Suspicion, was written by Doug Clinton and stars (in order of appearance):

  • Tessa Payne Clinton as Charley Chandler
  • Blair Cadden as Lucy Diamond
  • Nat Jones as P.L. Diamond
  • Jason Olson as Lucas Vinson
  • Jodi Riley as Belinda Blank
  • Steven Cardinal as Toby Hansen
  • Rusty Cooler as Dusty Burns
  • Doug Clinton as Clu Blue






One response to “A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 7: Candle Stuck”

  1. Dinah PRsons Avatar
    Dinah PRsons

    I always enjoy listening to these can’t wait for chapter 8

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