A Fragrance Most Foul Cover Art

A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 8: Odor of Guilt

Some jumps are sweet, others are sick, but none of them are dead. Unless by jump you mean Lyle LeBeouf. Did Lucas Vinson kill him, or is there someone else with an even more sinister plan involved?

A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 8: Odor of Guilt, was written by Doug Clinton and stars (in order of appearance):

  • Tessa Payne Clinton as Charley Chandler
  • Jodi Riley as Belinda Blank
  • Nat Jones as P.L. Diamond
  • Blair Cadden as Lucy Diamond
  • Samille Basler as Scarlett Poisson
  • Steven Cardinal as Toby Hansen
  • Rusty Cooler as Dusty Burns
  • Doug Clinton as Clu Blue
  • Jason Olson as Lucas Vinson






One response to “A Fragrance Most Foul Chapter 8: Odor of Guilt”

  1. judy Avatar

    waiting on chapter 9! who else was killed??????????

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