beauty pageant

Beauty Pageant

Frankie and Carmen receive a promotion out of the depths of Hell. Now they have to get the innocent Ginny McBride to sell her soul to win the Miss Pumpkin Patch beauty pageant. Can they push her over the top to defeat the nasty Cassie Carmichael or will they give it all up for a chance at redemption?

Beauty Pageant was written by Steven Cardinal and stars (in order of appearance):

The music, Am Grabe Richard Wagners, S.135, was written by Franz Liszt

Sound Effects from by:

pwausc1, bewagne, stomp, zimbot, cylon8472, walter-odington, malmen, shannonbotha, visualasylum, trollarch2, tc630, mwmarsh, miastodzwiekow, lth-stp, klankbeeld, patricia-mcmillen, sandermotions, robinhood76, btherad2000, dvideoguy, allenstacy, hinzebeat, jrssandoval, vampirella17, urbaneguerilla, theshaggyfreak, oceanictrancer, twisted-euphoria, brendan89






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