Candy Haus cover

Candy Haus

Hansel and Gretel faced many challenges in life: an evil step-mother, a hen-pecked father, and let’s not forget ending up on a certain witch’s menu. In this film-noir-themed take on the classic tale, Gretel is kicking butt and taking names. No one takes Gretel’s cookie.

Candy Haus was written by Steven Cardinal and stars (in order of appearance):


Come Here by Jay Man

Prohibition Blues by Purple Planet Music

Sound effects from by:

senorsolo007, inspectorj, fenrirfangs, alienistcog, danhelbling, kbnevel, zermonth, nhaudio, hintringer, frankie01234, glaneur-de-sons, flathill, castironcarousel, tmkappelt, uataudio, benboncan, rempen







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