Crosswired – Omnibus Episodes 6-10

By audience request, Aural Traditions presents an Omnibus edition of Crosswired. This release contains episodes 6 through 10. There is no new content.

Crosswired is a cyber-thriller that follows Simon, an NSA agent, who discovers he’s a cyborg. He must find out who made him and why before his enemies can destroy him.

Crosswired was written by Steven Cardinal and starred

  • Chris Melton
  • Chelsey Rogers
  • Tara Holwegner
  • Raul Ceballos
  • Joshua Bates
  • Eric Johnson
  • David Loar
  • Jay Harper
  • Heather Jane Hogan
  • Edie Allen
  • Nakeisha Daniel
  • Laila Auld
  • Kathleen O’Shaughnessy
  • Rodney Lee Rogers
  • Seth Zimmerman
  • Amanda Daniels
  • Marissa Rothfarb
  • Noah Rouse
  • Andrea Rausch
  • Sharon Graci
  • Susie Hallatt
  • Greg Tompkins
  • Michael Whaley
  • Maddie Casto
  • Pete Lutz
  • Chad Estel
  • Robert Chauncey
  • Ben Sigalas
  • Ryan Baldwin
  • Mike Brown
  • Simon Vaderklint
  • Fiona Thraille







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