the mirror factory cover art

The Mirror Factory

War has decimated society. Scavengers roam the ruins of the cities, fighting each other for what scraps remain. In the countryside, however, there is a flickering hope for mankind’s survival. To keep this flame alive, however, they need someone – a man with a story.

Join us in our inaugural story for Aural Traditions as we pick up in the world of Fahrenheit 451, the Ray Bradbury masterpiece.

The Mirror Factory was written by Steven Cardinal and stars (in order of appearance):

Music: Unexpected Fear by Jay Man

Sound Effects from by: aldenroth2, batuhan, benboncan, castleofsamples, cgeffex, corsica-s, daenerys, dobroide, drni, edhutschek, frankelmedico, frogprince79, geodylabs, gingie, juan-merie-venter, juskiddink, kevinkace, luckybastard, mad-monkey, , metamorphmuses, natemarler, nsstudios, petebuchwald, rempen, samkolber, worthahep88






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