nakita jean-charles

Nakita Jean-Charles

nakita jean-charlesNakita Marie Jean-Charles is a Half Haitian-American who was born in Cagliari, Italy, raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s the third child of four from Alice Marie Holloway and JeanRobert Jean-Charles. So technically she’s a middle child. Since a very young age, Nakia has always had a burning passion for acting. A passion she’s always shared with her older sister Mahalia, and now two nieces Athena, Milo, and Kirah.

She’s attended art school and obtained a BFA. She’s also had the pleasure to grace many sets and productions, ranging from “Army Wives” to smaller indie projects.
She says she remains hopeful about her future and has a motto that she lives by.
“I’m better today than yesterday and tomorrow I’ll be better than today.”