rob britt

Rob Britt

rob brittWhat do you get when you mix Tom Robbins, Robert Heinlein, and JRR Tolkien? Well, aside from an ugly mess of arms and mouths? You get Rob Britt, novelist and actor. Rob is the 5th of 6 kids born in a military family that, as expected, moved around a lot. Experiencing the same sense of wanderlust, Rob joined the Army right out of high school and continued his travellin’ ways. He tried his hand at operating heavy equipment. He labored in a steel mill. He invented the artificial heart. (ed: How’d that slip in there?) He now works as a software analyst for a medical university. After earning a degree (with highest honors too!) from Albright College in Organizational Behavior and Applied Psychology and fathering 4 children (now all adults), he eventually settled down here on James Island in South Carolina with his amazing wife, Deb.