steven cardinal

Steven Cardinal

steven cardinalBorn and raised in the wintry north of The United States in a gods-forsaken place called Massachusetts – well, ok, so he was born in August on what was likely a very hot and humid day, but it was mostly cold – Steven now resides in the lovely village of Charleston, South Carolina.

Working alongside his friend, Charlie James, he started doing voice work and sketch comedy writing for the Internet radio show: The Cardinal James Show. In 2014, on a hot winter day, the two decided to try their hand at a more challenging endeavor. Pulling together a couple more writer friends, they hatched the idea for a time travel comedy audio drama called It’s About Time. Over the course of a year and a half, the team wrote and produced 2 13-episode seasons of the series.

With that show complete, Steven has turned to his next endeavor – running Straight Talk Entertainment and producing short films and audio dramas, such as Aural Traditions. When not writing or producing shows, he works in Information Security at the local medical university as well as doing a bit of acting and occasional improv in the Charleston area. He recently played Mitch in A Streetcar Named Desire with Footlight Players and Sandy in Duck Hunter Shoots Angel at Midtown Productions. He also portrayed Asa Trenchard in the Smithsonian Channel’s Lincoln’s Last Day.